• A memory for life!

    Most Swedes have seen wild Moose in nature. But rarely as close as you see them here. With us, you are still in nature with free-ranging animals coming up to you. That is huge. And memorable.

  • The Man who kissed the Moose

    That he is the only one in the world who swims with the Moose is old news. The kisses too. But it seems to have reached a new level this year. Maybe he is the only one in the world doing this too??? The MooseMan and Holger

  • Nobody is left untouched!

    Getting that close to the huge moose does something to a person. You may even be able to touch. And be touched.

  • Meet the King of the Forest!

    At Gardsjo Moose Park you get really close to the Moose. And you get to meet the Moose Man himself!

  • Kisses are only for the chosen few

    But getting really close is for all of our guests. The Moose gladly come up to the wagons and sometimes you wonder who is checking out who?

  • Do you dare to look them in the eye?

    Our oldest bulls are really huge. And they come close. The size of their antlers varies over the season. Their powerful presence is always the same.

  • Adventure awaits, get on board!

    Our "Little Grey Fergie"-tractors and custom made wagons take you right out into the fenced 25 hectares of forest. The Moose meets you there. No safety-net. Regardless of the weather. Something to remember.

New booking system

In the spring, we will be changing booking systems to Nortic. This means that booking will look different than it did previously, but hopefully it will be more user-friendly and easy to use.

If you encounter something in the booking process that you think we need to know about, please feel free to contact us.


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