• Göta

    Göta, born 2006, light grey. The Queen of the herd who competes with Leffe's wife Ilona about to be the first lady of his heart!

  • Holger

    Holger, born 2007. Crown Prince and Leffe's best friend and kissing partner. You might see them kiss very intimately!

  • Hedvig

    Hedvig, born 2007. She is very mild and sweet and a super mum with all her calves.

  • Ida

    Ida, born 2008, the daughter of Gunde and Göta.

  • Jullan

    Jullan, born 2009, daughter of Gunde and Göta.

  • Linus

    Linus, born 2011, son of Holger and Hedvig and twin of Linnea.

  • Ludvig

    Ludvig, born 2011, light grey, bought from Älgens Hus. Mr. Charming who always tries to impress the guests…

  • Linnea

    Linnea, born 2011, daughter of Holger and Hedvig and twin of Linus. Became a mother for the first time in 2013 to little Nisse.

  • Nisse

    Nisse, light grey, born 2013, son of Linnea and Gunde and grandchild of Hedvig and Holger.

  • The Calves of 2015

    This year we had Pippi and the wild orphan Pelle, who has been saved when his mother died and bottle fed by Leffe.