The Moose Tour

The Moose Tour is also called Moose safari. You arrive early (the tour departs on time) and check in at reception. From there you continue to the wagons and leave as a group together with the Moose Man himself.
The tour takes about one hour and is outdoors all the time. Anyone who wants to can join the tour, children, elderly, or people with handicaps or wheelchairs.
You will learn a lot about the moose and how they live, in the wild and here at the park, and there are lots of opportunities to ask questions during the tour. The tour is presented in Swedish and English.

Close encounter

You will get really close to the moose. They are used to visitors arriving on the wagons and enjoy coming up to inspect the guests. Sometimes they even come close enough for you to touch. They are huge, mighty animals and it’s a very special experience to be near them. There are three important rules you need to adhere to during our tour. You are NEVER allowed to get off the wagon. You should NOT touch any moose on its bum. Smoking is NOT allowed while on tour.  All these rules are there for your safety and that of your fellow tour participants and the moose.


Our tour depart on time, which will be exactly 11.00.
During summer in high season we do one tour a day, at 11 am, Tuesday till Sunday.
Even if you have pre-booked your tour via the booking system on the Internet, you need to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the tour.
All tickets needs to be pre-booked, no drop-in.
The tour takes about an hour.
For pre-booked groups there may be other agreements about time.


The tractors we use for your tours are authentic vintage Massey Ferguson “Little Grey Fergies” from the 50s. A real, old-fashioned open-top farm tractor. We have three of them used for taking our guests on tours. And a retired one for children to play on in the yard. Unfortunately there are none for sale.