This whole thing started a long time ago when Leffe, who was then still a hunter, got asked to take care of a moose calf that had lost its mother in a traffic accident.
He took the calf in and cared for it, but unfortunately it died after about a week, despite all the loving care. But for Leffe, the dream was born then, to start a Moose Park. It took many years and a new woman in his life before Leffe and Ilona could open Gårdsjö Moose Park in 2007, with Gunde and Göta, both born in 2006, as the first inhabitants in the fenced area of 16 hectares.
CIMG7400 -liten

In 2014 we have expanded their area and it is now 25 hectares and includes the cottage “Solviken”.

Leffe and Gårdsjö Moose Park were nominated for the national Swedish Tourism Award in 2012 and have recieved several other Swedish awards for entrepreneurship and endeavor.


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