How to find us

Morgongåva is situated on the national road 72 between Uppsala and Sala. When you reach Morgongåva, drive north at sign “Älgpark 6”- you will also see the painted Moose Warning Sign beside the road. Drive north about 5 km to the village of Vansjö. Turn right at the sign “Älgpark 1” and drive 1 km – and now you are here!

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GPS- coordinates:

WGS 84 decimal (lat, lon): 59.96341, 16.97038
SWEREF99 TM: 6648974, 610014

Without a car:

There are trains and buses to Morgongåva. The Moose Park is located 6 km from the village and it’s not easy to walk there. There are no busses up to the moose park.

Approximate driving times in good weather conditions with no traffic problems:

From Heby – approx. 10 minutes
From Uppsala – approx. 45 minutes
From Sala – approx. 20 minutes
From Västerås – approx. 1 hr
From Stockholm (no traffic) – approx. 1.5 hrs