Frequently asked questions- FAQ

Can I bring a camera on the tour?

Yes. You can bring a camera and take as many pictures as you like during the tour and around it. You are not allowed to get off the wagon to take pictures.

Can I pay with credit card?

Yes. We accept most types of credit cards in both reception, shop and café and you can of course also pay cash.

Can I bring my dog to the Moose Park?

Yes, dogs can come to the park, but the are NOT allowed on the tour and not inside reception/café. The owner is responsible for the dog and they are not allowed off the leash. We can’t dog-sit for you during the tour but you can leave the dog in the car if you find that acceptable. Possibly the best option is to leave the dog at home.

Is the Moose Tour suitable for children?

Yes, both the Moose Park and the tour is suitable for children of all ages. Children 0-2 years can sit on their parents lap. Parents are responsible for their children. We have highchairs in the café and a changing table in the restroom.

Can you buy a gift card for a Moose Tour?

Yes, we sell gift cards for our tours and other products. Buy in shop or call us to order.

What should I wear for a visit to the Moose?

Dress according to the weather. The Moose Tour is outdoors all year round. Dress so you are able to sit still comfortably on the wagon for about an hour without getting wet or cold or too hot. If it rains, you get wet. The Moose farm is out in nature and it can be muddy and dirty, so please leave your finest clothes at home.

Can you walk to the Moose Park?

From Morgongåva where the nearest bus- and trainstop is located, it is 6 km to Gårdsjö. You need to walk along a narrow country road with traffic going at rather high speeds on it, so we really do not recommend walking.

Is it possible to take a taxi?

Yes, you can book a taxi in advance on 0224-30275.

Can you come and see the moose on other times than those quoted on your web-page?

You can come to the Moose Park on other times if you are part of a bigger group and you pre-book with us. Otherwise you cant. We do not make special tours without pre-booking and we can’t open for guests when we are closed. We welcome our guests on the regular opening times we offer during the whole year, with the exception of September and October – they are always closed due to the heat of the Moose. During this time the males are very aggressive and can be dangerous.

Can you book your tour without using the online internet booking?

Yes, if you are a bigger group we can book you manually.
Otherwise you need to use the online booking system.
We don’t take manual bookings for smaller parties or individuals.

Can you come and look at the moose without going on a tour?

No, you cant see the moose if you don’t go on a tour. They have a huge, enfenced area and to see them you need to enter – which is only possible with a guide and on one of our tours. You are not allowed to walk along the fence at any point, whether the park is open or close. You are most welcome on one of our tours.